Booger Maone

Busted in the Backseat

It's every family's tale of sibling rivalry, in it's most laughable moments. There are pranks, jokes, and gags with the turn of every page! With likeable characters like Booger, Meathead, Prisspot and Loverboy, you can't help but love this book! As Little Booger Malone vies for her spot in the "hierarchy" amongst his siblings, she meets opposition at every corner! She gets so tired of being treated like a baby, that she sets out to make her mark in history, and takes a place in your heart. This endearing story will touch your funny bone, and make you cheer for the "little guys" of the world.


Are you a princess? Know someone who is?

A princess is special breed of woman, slightly spoiled rotten with a touch of sweetness. She has the ability to drive you crazy and make you love her, all at the same time! Dealing with a princess should be handled with care. Here are a few "insights" that will help you cope and keep her happy...

 If a princess is the love of your life,
You BOTH have something in common!

When is jewelry not an appropriate gift for a princess?
When you can actually afford it.

What is a princess' favorite "national holiday"?
Her birthday.

If the conversation does not focus on the princess,
CHANGE the subject.

If a princess had a TV show, what would she name it?
"I Dream of Me".

When does a princess admit she's wrong?
When you admit it's your fault.

This book is for all those who believe they really are a princess,
aspire to be a princess, or know a princess and love one!